How to Post on Instagram Via Desktop (Video Included)

Posting to your Instagram account from a mobile has its limitations, from slow connection, not enough memory to expensive mobile data or if you’re capturing images using a camera and then deciding to edit it on a desktop, and then, uploading it, can be a real drag.

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Search Engines Ranking Factors are kept secret, really?

Search Engine Ranking Factors Are Kept Secret, Really?

The truth, the whole truth is that a website must first and foremost generates web traffic to rank high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and in order to achieve this, a high level of user experience (UX) and quality product(s) / service(s) / contents are necessary!

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5 Off-Page SEO Best Practices To Build Your Reputation Online

5 Off-Page SEO Best Practices to Build Your Reputation Online

While many people think about off-page SEO in terms of inbound links and the processes of generating them, off-page SEO entails more than link building. It includes but is not limited to:

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How To Add Schema Markup For Local SEO Website

How To Add Schema Markup For Local SEO Website (Video Included)

Millions of local customers are using internet every day to find local businesses on desktop and mobile. One easy way to increase your odds of getting...

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