Want to submit a guest post to LinkoPlus Blog?

Here’s what you need to know.

Want to submit a guest post to LinkoPlus Blog?

We’re looking for freelance writers who have fun, unique ideas about local SEO. We’d love to hear your personal experience, especially if you can share detailed numbers, strategies, and advice.

What are We Looking for in a Guest Post

We’re seeking articles, at least 700-900 words.

Read other LinkoPlus posts. Get a feel for the tone of the site. We’re informative, relaxed and excited about local SEO. Make sure we haven’t already covered the topic you’re proposing. Use our site search from the main menu to check.

Focus on being useful. How will your post help readers learn and apply digital marketing for themselves or their clients? We like practical, actionable advice that our readers can put to use in their practices.

We can offer a link to your website in your bio.

Personal affiliate links are not allowed. We publish posts under your real name. We don’t allow pseudonyms. If you have a valid reason for publishing anonymously, please let the editor know ahead of time.

Originality & author credits

LinkoPlus own the rights to the content. Authors must have a track record of writing great content & the content must be detailed and unique (we verified with Copyscape).

LinkoPlus reserves the right to refuse publication or remove the guest post.

Here’s the link to contact us for guest post.