Google Local Teaser VS Local 3-Packs – How To Track Local Teasers

In this article I will show you how to track your Google Local 3-Packs and Google Local Teasers.

Local 3-Packs and Local Teasers look superficially very similar. To understand the difference between Local 3-Packs VS Local Teaser I invite you to read the very good article from Blue Corona What Is The Local Teaser…

Google recently made a change to their Local Pack and Local Teaser algorithm. In many cases, keywords that were previously showing as having Local Packs have shifted over to show Local Teasers presence instead. This can look like an enormous drop in Local Packs if you don’t track properly your Local Teasers.

In general, SEO tracking tools make a match between the domain name/URL being tracked and the Local 3-Packs and Local Teasers. The difficulty is that there is no website associated with a Local Teaser in a Google SERP, so most SEO tracking tools are currently limited in their ability to detect the presence of those Local Teasers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, here’s visually what I mean:


Local 3-packs are being tracked via the Domain Name/URL

On a local teaser there's no domain name or URL to track

As a digital marketer or business owner, you want to track properly your local SEO results considering the pole positions Local 3-Packs & Local Teasers have on Google Search Results Pages. At this time, we know that MOZ rank tracking software tool cannot detects properly Local Teasers SERP features.

Once again SEMrush, our savior has come. With SEMrush position tracking tool, it tracks not only the domain name/URL but also the ‘Business name as it appears in local map pack’ therefore you can be sure to track properly all your Local Teasers SERP features.

Simply add your business name into the SEMrush position tracking tool and that’s all there is to do!


Position Tracking Settings To Track Local Teasers

Not convinced? Need to try it yourself? SEMrush has a FREE 7-day trial, here’s the link: